I’m Ahmad Kadry, an International Fashion Model and Social Media Influencer

Ahmad Kadry
7 min readDec 24, 2020

But in reality, I am very proud to be a lot more than what you see in pictures.

Hi, I’m Ahmad. For those that don’t yet know me, I look forward to meeting you on the pages of Medium. I am excited to become a regular contributor to this amazing platform.

However, what a difficult period of time it is to be introducing myself to you, in the midst of a global pandemic. But, those that know me personally and, that follow me on social media are pretty aware of the fact that I can’t be defined merely by my public image. While I may be a successful fashion model, I strive to be so much more than that. I aim to be defined by the whole of who I am as a person, not merely by my public image. Yes, I do love what I do for work. Modeling and acting are my professions, going to school is an important part of my life and, being an engaged, active, and thoughtful citizen is who I always intend to be as a person. I believe that the visibility my career provides comes with responsibility, and I intend to live up to that responsibility as diligently as I can.

Like everyone, I am eager for COVID-19 to become a distant memory, and my thoughts are very much with those families that have lost loved ones during this horrific pandemic. And, similar to everyone else I am eager for this virus to become controlled so that the world can return to some kind of normalcy.

Speaking more personally, I am anxious to resume my career as an international model and actor, together with my education as a university student in Egypt. I know that other students all over the world feel exactly the same way, not to mention the thrill that will come with regaining the taste of life that comes with freedom of movement, instead of being in some kind of quarantine.

While it has not been fun sitting inside the house for days, then weeks, and now months at a time, it has given me a good opportunity to think about the future. And, while this has included planning and preparation for the next phase of my career, my thoughts have also focused upon a much bigger picture, and I am pleased that I will have the chance to share and publish many of these thoughts on Medium, the wonderful American-based online platform which enjoys such an amazing reach.

But first, a word of gratitude and more than a word of regret about something much more important. Even though no one likes staying at home all the time nor being somehow quarantined, my mind focuses on and my heart aches for the many families that have lost someone to this horrible pandemic. For those of us that are inconvenienced, no matter what our job, career, studies, or other pressures may be, it is nothing compared to those who have lost their lives and, for the pain, their loved ones feel in their absence. And so, while I do have gratitude that my family and I personally have escaped the disease so far, I feel so much regret for the toll this has taken on others. And that reality has strengthened my determination to speak up and speak out and to work in every way that I can to use my platform to make whatever difference I can in this world we all share.

During this respite as forced by COVID-19, I have had plenty of time to think. Two things became clearer than ever to me. First, when it comes right down to it there are a lot more things that bind my generation of students and other young adults all over the world together harmoniously than anything which separates us. Secondly, I am now even more convinced than ever that I not only want but need to use my platform and voice as a public figure to advocate for the celebration of our commonality and shared aspirations, rather than give in to the feuds, biases, prejudicial thinking and xenophobia that has plagued generations in the past. Furthermore, I intend to speak out continuously and endlessly with a positive message of unity and hope.

To be clear, I have always felt it important to use my standing as a highly visible model and public figure to advocate for and, to spread a message of harmony and togetherness. It has always seemed to me that understanding each other rather than giving in to the tendency of some to villainize others is the best way forward. Preconceived notions of dislike and antagonism because of the countries people come from or because there are cultural, religious and political differences that have been handed down from each generation to the next makes very little sense to me. This is why I have always promoted the building of cultural bridges, and have the receipts to prove it. But as my career continues to accelerate, you will see and hear me speak up and speak out even more passionately — and, often!

I am not naive enough to think that speaking up and sharing my beliefs is some kind of instant cure to the things which plague the world and to the prejudicial thinking that seems to be all around us, no matter who we are or, where we live. But I am also not selfish enough to think that public figures should keep their opinions to themselves and focus only on self-enrichment or career advancement rather than speaking up in an effort to do our part — or more than our part- to make things better. This is part of who I am as a person and it is also part of my responsibility as a public figure and social media influencer.

I also urge and challenge my fellow models and actors and, for that matter, other public figures of my generation to sing from this same sheet of music. We have a built-in audience which we should never, ever take for granted and, when coupled with the technology available to us, we are able to reach out far and wide with positive and hopeful messages that have the potential to extend far beyond geographical boundaries. No matter who you are and where you are from, you can make a difference. We all can, or at the very least, we must try.

During this pandemic, I have also had a little bit more time to interact with my followers on social media, which has been great. I love the fact that they quite literally come from every part of the world, with the two largest blocks being from the Middle East and the United States of America. To me, this is a beautiful thing, and it allows me to further express my passionate view that it is required of my generation to interact positively and favorably with each other and to emphasize our unity rather than the things which have divided previous generations in the past.

Like I wrote up above, I am not naive enough to think that my one, single voice is going to change things. But, the way I look at it is this: Even if I am just one voice, shouldn’t I still do my part? Aren’t I a person, someone with a mind and heart, before I am a model? I am no better nor any worse than everyone else in my generation — or, any generation for that matter. And, being a public figure most definitely does not make me special nor entitled to anything. But, it also does not give me a pass when it comes to doing my part for the greater good. In fact, I really believe it is the exact opposite. I think I am almost required to do my part and to urge others to do the same.

I can’t control the fact that so many agents and talent managers prefer that models stay quiet. But, what I can control is my own voice and, how I use it, right? And so, my bottom line is this: You can count on me to do my part, and then some. I will not ever shy away from my strong belief that it is my responsibility to use and utilize my platform in positive and meaningful ways, both now and in the future. Why? Because there is something that matters to me far more than being a well-known or high profile model and actor. What is it? That’s an easy answer; It’s being a good citizen. So, I hope you will join me on Medium and, on social media. And, as for my generation? Well, we are now coming of age. Let’s stand up and make a difference in the things that matter most.

See you soon! — AK

Ahmad Kadry is an internationally acclaimed male model that calls Egypt and the UAE home. He is a global social media influencer and continues to represent several of the world’s leading fashion brands in front of the camera. Despite his thriving career, Kadry is also a university student in Egypt who enjoys interacting with his fans and followers in the United States, Europe, Asia and, at home in the Middle East.